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The second USIP World Police Service Pistol Shooting Championship will take place at the Guangdong provincial police training center in Foshan, Guangdong province, between Nov 14 and 19.

Police from 40 of the 66 member countries and regions of the International Police Sports Union (USIP) - including Russia, Pakistan, India, Brazil and Italy - have registered for the contest, said Feng Xiaogang, chief for police training at the Guangdong Department of Public Security at a news conference on Friday.

Twenty-one nonmember countries -- including Australia, Kenya and Cambodia - plan to send their police officers to the contest, which is sponsored by USIP and China Vanguard Sports Association, and organized by the Guangdong Department of Public Security.

Seven countries - including the United States, France and South Korea - will send their police liaison officers in China or consulate general officials in Guangzhou to observe the contest.

"The hosting of this world championship in China will be beneficial to expand the scale, level and influence of the event," said Sandro Dirckx, secretary-general of the USIP.

"The Chinese police have made outstanding achievements in police practical combat and pistol shooting training. Through the competition in Guangdong, the attention and participation of different countries in police practical pistol shooting training will be further enhanced," he said.

The first session of the championship was held in Hungary in 2015.

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